Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stay Within the Lines

Hello everyone,

After much indecision, I decided to post my review for Rock Star's Rainbow after all. I had a very difficult time getting through it for the reasons stated in the review itself. There was an internal, ethical battle as to how far I could push myself, and quite frankly, it's unpleasant to read when you're forcing yourself to do it.

That brings us to the point of this announcement: PLEASE READ THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES if you intend to submit your work. There is a reason why they're there. This exception was made primarily because they weren't stated as clearly at the time when the author first contacted me, so I did it out of fairness. Now that they're clearly posted, however, I ask that you abide by them. It will save us all a great deal of time and heartache.

Thank you for your cooperation. My apologies for sounding like such a curmudgeon, but it had to be said.


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