Sunday, June 12, 2011

Contest: Character Challenge

Calling both readers and writers! In honor of my upcoming blogoversary, I'm hosting a character-based guest post challenge.

The Contest

Have you ever read a book and wanted to be one of the characters? Well here's your chance. Write a guest post using his or her words! Be creative, and most importantly, have fun!

To Enter

      Choose a book (your own or someone else's).
      Choose a character.
      Write a guest post from that character's point of view.
      Send your entry as a Word attachment to alice(at)
      • Please use "Character Contest" in the subject line.
      • Be sure to specify the character/book and any relevant information (eg. Harry Potter before or after he discovered the wizarding world).
**All submissions must be received by 27 July 2011**

The Reward

The top three winners will have their entries posted on this blog at the end of July. They will also be offered the opportunity to write a guest post of their own. All other entrants will be given an honorable mention.

Ready? Set? Write!


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